About Us

DecoNeko Malaysia is a online based subsidiary company of Creative Neko Studio located in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
The idea for DecoNeko was thought up in July 2012, established in August 2012 and officially started business online in September 2012 right after Hari Raya of 2012.

The store's main idea is to sell cute/kawaii items from Japan mainly DIY candies, snacks and kits that are quite rare ro be available in the Malaysia market. We also have and plan to have other items such as squishy, decoration supplies, and more. We are constantly researching for new ideas and products that we can add to the store and we aim to grow our business bigger in time.

We appreciate all the support that our customers have given us so far, and we've been planning to reward for customer's loyalty and new events in the future such as content and giveaways. Please LIKE our facebook page (www.facebook.com/DecoNeko), follow us on twitter (www.twitter.com/DecoNekoLove) or subscribe to us on youtube (www.youtube.com/DecoNekoLove) for latest updates.