Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Are the candies halal?
A: That's debatable. All candies are imported directly from Japan and they have no halal certification. Some people don't mind items without gelatin. Some people buy it just to play with it, but not eat it. It depends on individual. We cannot confirm they are halal. If you are not comfortable with products without halal certification, please do not buy it. For more info, please click here: LINK

Q: Which items contain gelatin or non-halal ingredients?
A: Please check this link for a list of products with or without gelatin: LINK

Q: What is 'discontinued' items? When will you restock them again? I want to buy!
A: 'Discontinued' means it is no longer manufactured and sold in Japan. We cannot restock these items as they're not available anymore.



Q: Do you have a store?
A: We are online-only business, registered with SSM and located in Ipoh. We do not have a physical brick and mortar shop.

Q: Can I get a discount? 
A: You might be able to if you are our regular customer or you are buying over RM200. Please contact us to discuss further!

Q: You didn't answer my email! (or message, comment etc.)
A: We apologize if we missed your message. We are short staffed and sometimes we tend to miss a message or two. Please remind us to reply to you or send us another message again.

Q: When will you restock your items????
A: Unfortunately, we don't know. Before restocking our items, we take several factors into consideration such as price, suppliers, our Japan's shipping warehouse and stock in Japan. Do keep checking our facebook page and blog for updates!



Q: Can I pay in cash when I receive the items?
A: No, poslaju cannot take any money on behalf of us. We will only process your order once your payment is completed and confirmed.

Q: I cannot bank in! I don't know how to transfer! Can I use concealed cash / mail the money instead?
A: No, sending cash in the mail is extremely risky. You are at risk of losing the money or risk of it being stolen. We do not accept cash in the mail.

Q: Can you refund my balance?
A: Unfortunately, no. We cannot refund any balance in cash. You are adviced to bank in the exact amount. However, some cash deposit machines do not accept certain cash. In that case, we will refund your balance in a form of store credit so you can deduct the balance for your next order. Please contact us on Facebook to discuss.



Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: At the moment, no. We only ship within Malaysia. We hope to expand our service in the future!

Q: When will you ship my order?
A: Usually we ship your order once payment is confirmed within 24 hours on working days (Mon-Fri). There may be some delay due to unforeseen circumstance such as bad weather or other issue, and also public holiday or poslaju's office opening hours.

Q: I still haven't received my items! Where is my order? Why it hasn't arrived yet?? When will my order arrive??
A: Once your order is shipped, we have no control over it. We don't know where you items are and cannot inform you when it will arrive. You are given a tracking number and you need to call poslaju to inquire about your item's whereabout. 

Q: My items are damaged! Can I return it for a new one?
A: We have no control of your items after it is shipped. Even though we try to protect your items as carefully as we can, sometimes damage happens during shipment. If you are not happy with the condition of your items, please lodge a complaint to poslaju. We are not responsible for damaged items.

Q: You sent the wrong item. Can I exchange it?
A: Yes, if we sent the wrong item you may send it back to be replaced provided that the item is still in stock. Customer is responsible for all charges of sending the item back.