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Sale Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts

Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts

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Brand: Kracie
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Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts

★ No Gelatin 

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Unleash your creativity to make cute little donuts. All you need to do is to microwave the batter, mix the frosting and then decorate to your own liking.

This set includes:

  • plastic mixing tray
  • chocolate flavored donut powder
  • custard flavored donut powder
  • strawberry frosting
  • vanilla frosting
  • chocolate frosting
  • mixing spoon
  • pastry bag
  • sprinkles
  • crunch topping
  • easy to understand pictorial instructions (Japanese language only)





Candy Details
Product Name Kracie Happy Kitchen Donuts
Japanese Name ハッピーキッチン ドーナツ
Manufacturer Kracie クラシエ
原材料・成分 砂糖ぶどう糖でん粉、植物油脂クランチデキストリン、ココアパウダー乳糖コーンシラップ、乳たん白バターエキスパウダー乾燥果実(いちご)、加工でん粉着色料(カラメル、クチナシ、野菜色素、フラボノイド、カロチノイド)、香料炭酸カルシウムpH調整剤、カゼインナトリウム増粘多糖類酸味料、光沢剤(原材料の一部に小麦、大豆を含む)
Ingredients Sugar, glucose, starch, vegetable oil, crunch, dextrin, cocoa powder, lactose, corn syrup, protein milk, butter extract powder, dried fruits, starches, coloring agents, flavors.
Non-Halal Ingredients None
Expiry Date 9.2017

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